Want to win a Disney™ dream vacation?*

The publishers behind The Completely Unreliable Guide to Walt Disney World are offering you the opportunity to win a Disney© dream vacation, with a two-week stay in Walt Disney World©!* Prizes include:

  • A two-week, Park Hopper GOLDEN ticket, which allows entry into the parks, as well as a personal concierge that travels alongside you and your party, serving your every need.

  • Unlimited Fast Passes for ALL the rides. Each Fast Pass comes with an I’m Better Than You t-shirt and the veneer of high-class snobbbery that gets washed over you as you march past the Plebeians who have to wait in the “normal” lines.

  • Stays in multiple, exclusive hotels, including:

  • The Haunted Mansion Suite

  • The Tower of Terror Penthouse

  • That Hotel in the Canada Pavilion at EPCOT

  • The Harambe Third World Hostel in Animal Kingdom

To enter into the contest is simple. Just follow the Hidden Mickey clues posted on Instagram and then take a picture beside those Hidden Mickeys. Whoever gets all 67 Hidden Mickeys in their photos will be eligible for the lucky draw AND be able to have their photos published in the The Completely Unreliable Guide to Walt Disney World with no monetary compensation whatsoever. It’s that simple!

The first ten entrants with single photos also get prizes!

See terms and conditions!*

Good luck and don’t do anything illegal to win!


*This isn’t a real contest. It is impossible to win. Don’t be an idiot.