The Most Malevolent Place on Earth

When Claire and her little sister Annie visit Walt Disney World with their parents and wish Mom and Dad would disappear, that’s exactly what happens. But now they’re stuck forever in a bizarre version of the park, where the cast members and the characters are deadly, and the goal is staying alive.

Trapped in the theme park, Claire tries desperately to remove a MagicBand that suddenly glows red and has imprisoned her in a hellish alternate reality Disney World. She finds others wearing the same MagicBands, some of whom have been there since the park opened in 1971. The MagicBands provide for everything, except a way out.

The thrill of living in Disney World quickly fades as Claire discovers that the rides literally are to die for: the pirates in Pirates are murderous, the ghosts in Haunted Mansion are restless, and a brutish Injun Joe stalks Tom Sawyer Island. Even the Hall of Presidents wants her dead.

With a small group of friends, Claire races to locate the key that will unlock her black MagicBand and break the spell. But to get that key, they must brave the most dangerous attraction of all: Cinderella Castle, where they find not friendly mice and fairies but demons, zombies, and an evil as old as time.

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