My Dad, the Superhero

BOOK 1: Kimmy’s father has died.But for Kimmy, the grieving process is made worse by the fact that she is discovering things about him that she didn’t understand......for her father led two lives.One was the life that Kimmy knew; that of a loving man who was devoted to his daughter in ways that other fathers weren’t. This version of her father was warm and kind. This version was there for her when she needed him. This version of her father woke up with her in the morning and put her to bed at night.But there was another life that her father lived; one that he could never reveal to her. Her father was not who he said he was. Her father had secrets......and one of those secrets was that he had super powers.

BOOK 2: Vincent isn’t close to his father.But how could he be? His father is cold and distant; his father is demanding and exacting......and his father prowls the night, looking to punish his adversaries.Sometimes the choices that a parent makes for their child aren’t what the child wants, and Vincent is having a crisis of confidence in terms of what his father expects of him, especially when it comes to the girl he has just met...Kimmy.Vincent’s father lives one life, and Vincent shares that life with him. But how can he convince his father that he no longer wants to live that life? How can he tell his father that the life that he wants him to have isn’t the life that he wants? How can he convince his father......that he doesn’t want to be a superhero?

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