Samantha & George (and Zooey)

George had always been in love with Samantha. Samantha had always been in love with George.But sometimes life gets in the way. After a wild night together in university, George and Samantha didn’t see each other again for ten years. But now, George is back in town, and by chance, he meets Samantha at a grocery store. Little does George know that Samantha has a secret; one that is going to affect his life and the lives of everyone around him, including his new girlfriend, Fiona; Samantha’s irascible and cantankerous mother, Pippy; and Billy Green, the biggest movie star in the world (and also a person who might, very well be insane).What’s the secret? Her name is Zooey......and she's a handful.

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Oklahoma, 1981-1991

Dark and disturbing events in Stillriver, Oklahoma are nothing new. Jon knows this because he has spent all of his life in his hometown, a town that isn’t really the idyllic place that one conjures in their mind when they hear the name. But in everything he has seen, the worst thing that he observed was the motivation for a crime that will shake him to his core. Detailing the life of both a witness and a participant in a murder, Oklahoma, 1981-1991 tells Jon’s story over a ten year period. Following him from elementary school, where his friends and enemies set the stage for an event that will change his life; to middle school, where the horrific event occurs; to high school, where the terrible ramifications of the crime affect every person he has ever known.

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It is 1992 and Bono has just arrived in your kitchen.

Yes, Bono. The lead singer of U2.

But is it really him? If it is, then he is certainly behaving in a strange way, because this Bono claims to be an angel and he wants to do you a favor. “You called to me and I answered you. And now, I will tell you great and unsearchable things that you do not know.”

BonoGodSatan is the story of this Mysterious Stranger and the journey upon which he takes four high school students, spanning the entirety of space and time; from the suburbs of Kansas City, to the streets of 1970s Dublin, to the war torn capital of Sarajevo.

The dominos begin to fall as this “Bono” changes the entirety of history, based upon a few, simple requests to “dream it all up again.”

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