I Spit on Michael Stipe

I grew up in 2002. I was 29 years old when I finally grew up. It happened at Richards on Richards, a club in downtown Vancouver. It happened when I spit on Michael Stipe. My youth left me in that fleeting moment.

Let me frame things here. When I was in university, my friends and I lived for music. One of my best friends, Danford, had a vinyl collection before having a vinyl collection became the realm of hipsters. I used to make fun of that collection, praising the glories of the CD (which, according to Neil Young and his upcoming PONO player, is also an inferior medium…but I digress…). However, secretly I always admired his collection and his original vinyl editions of XTC’s “English Settlement” and that vintage and rare album by Blowfly.

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I gave a TED talk…

Well, it was a TEDx talk, really, but I did it. Here’s a quick write up on it:



That’s me in the middle. The one with the receding hairline and stylish jeans (it’s just how I roll…).


My Twin on the Other Side of the Planet

So, the other day, I received an email from a colleague that I taught with in Ghana. She said, “You have a twin…” and wrote the following:

His name is Richard and he works here at the UN school in NY. He and his wife were looking at your school for placement, and saw your pic on the website. Here is what follows. You two even have very similar personalities. It is a bit unnerving.

Here is the video:

Naturally, I could not let something like this happen without a response, so here is what my senior film class made in 45 minutes the next day.

We await a new dispatch from the future…

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