I’m Back!

Hello gang!


See that picture? That’s me.

It’s been a while since I wrote, but I try to produce one of these every couple of weeks, so hello! Things are busy ’round these parts, so though nothing much has changed, I thought I would send you a lovely email. So, what’s been happening?

Well, I finished the script for my animated movie, “Princes”. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and I’m looking for four readers to sample it and give me some feedback. If any of you are interested, please let me know by sending me an email. ONLY SEND ME AN EMAIL IF YOU INTEND TO READ IT. I’m looking for some basic feedback on it and hopefully one of you would be willing to look at it. Ideally, it will be awesome, but even better would be if some of you could offer me some advice on what I need to fix/change.

I am trying to get back to writing prose novels at the moment, but before I do that, I am currently doing an experiment. I am writing a travel guidebook. The book is called, “The Unsanctioned, Untrue, and Absolutely Fictional Travel Guide to the Walt Disney World Resort™”. Basically, it’s a guidebook for Disney World, but everything that I write in it is fiction. I know that Matthew Shirley might view this as somewhat sacrilegious, but I don’t care! I’m writing it anyway and filling it full of lies. It’s just the way I am.

Bangladesh is nice this time of year. The mosquitos aren’t out yet and the weather has turned from AWFUL to PLEASANT. Thus, while all of you are out there, adjusting to the cold weather, I am still swimming in the pool and enjoying life. Of course, there ARE issues with living here other than that. One of them is the Hartals.

There is a lot of political unrest here in Bangladesh and somebody is always protesting something, because no one ever likes the government, no matter who is in charge. One thing that political groups do is to call a “hartal”, which is a general strike. That means that no one can go to work or drive anywhere, because everything is shut down.

The unfortunate aspect to all of this is that OUR school doesn’t shut down. We live in the diplomatic zone, so nothing changes on hartal days except that traffic is lighter. I guess that’s nice, because we enjoy a bit of stability in our day-to-day lives, but for the Bangladeshi people, hartals are a pain.

All right, I will end with another gif and links. Here is one of my favorites:



That sums up everything I think about Justin Bieber and I hope it plagues your nightmares.

Here’s a plan we should enact RIGHT NOW.
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And now, I curse you to waste the rest of your day with this.

Look at this picture!


See that picture up there? That’s awesome. You know who took it? ME! That’s right, I took that photo and it is incredibly cool, it is. Look at that serene image from Angkor Wat, as the sun comes up over the horizon, illuminating the ancient temples. It was beautiful…it was ancient…it was…

…packed with people.

Thankfully, I managed to find a place where there weren’t 10,000 tourists standing in front of me in awe of our surroundings. In case you were wondering, we went to Angkor Wat for our October break. In case you were wondering where Angkor Wat is (and I know that there are a few of you…I could probably name names if I wanted to [I’m talking to YOU, Maake…you, too, Gillian], Angkor Wat is located outside the town of Siem Reap in Cambodia. Basically, it’s almost dead center in Cambodia. Explorers discovered these ancient ruins long ago, as it was a city that had been abandoned, though at one time, it had over a million inhabitants.

We had a bit of “temple fatigue” as we went along, for when you first get there, it’s amazing. Then the NEXT temple is amazing. And so is the NEXT one. Then, you’re kind of like, “Yeah, that’s an amazing temple. What time is lunch?” Still, we managed to have a good time and that’s that.

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I gave a TED talk…

Well, it was a TEDx talk, really, but I did it. Here’s a quick write up on it:



That’s me in the middle. The one with the receding hairline and stylish jeans (it’s just how I roll…).


My Twin on the Other Side of the Planet

So, the other day, I received an email from a colleague that I taught with in Ghana. She said, “You have a twin…” and wrote the following:

His name is Richard and he works here at the UN school in NY. He and his wife were looking at your school for placement, and saw your pic on the website. Here is what follows. You two even have very similar personalities. It is a bit unnerving.

Here is the video:

Naturally, I could not let something like this happen without a response, so here is what my senior film class made in 45 minutes the next day.

We await a new dispatch from the future…

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