The Early Days (Episodes 1-30)

Ah, the beginning!  I began TJHS 1987 in 2000, whilst whiling away the days in my apartment in Vancouver.  Unable to work until I got my permanent resident visa, I decided that I was going to bring back the newspaper comic strip with a vengeance…back from the brink it would come, with my comics leading the charge.  I grew up reading Peanuts, Bloom County, The Far Side, and of course, Calvin & Hobbes.  I loved those comic strips and I used to take great pride in the collections that would come out on a regular basis.  I used to enjoy reading the newspaper simply for the cartoons (especially the Sunday strips).  But if I was going to create my own comic strip, then what in the world was it going to be about??

I had never really written anything autobiographical before, so I thought I would take myself and throw him into the seventh grade.  Of course, hindsight gives me much more wisdom than I actually had, so this character is a lot smarter than the actual person it is based upon.  This is the story of Donny, a 13-year old kid, going to middle school for the first time and the plan was for it to be all about his adventures in the 7th grade.

I had only planned on making a few of these strips to, perhaps, offer them as a sample to some sort of syndicate for publication.  Ah, silly me.  My strength has always been as a writer, and that’s evident here.  My art skills?  They’re a little lacking.  Either way, enjoy the first 30 TJHS strips contained here.

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