A New Beginning (Episodes 31-63)



So, I’d created my original TJHS strips, and though they were funny, they sat on my computer for the longest time, collecting dust.  Cut to 2004.  One Christmas Eve, as I’m writing in my journal, I decide to do a newspaper-style strip about my young daughters, Harper and Abbey.  These turn out to be great, slice-of-life strips that capture what it is like to have kids of that age.  But then, as I sat with a sleeping 6 month old on my lap, I thought, “I’ve got some extra time…I should create another strip while I’m here.”  The problem was, I had no good ideas.


Then I thought of TJHS.  I dusted off the strips and realized that I had a great story to tell with these characters.  I decided then to go ahead and continue with these characters.  What you’ll see over the course of reading these strips is an evolution.  The early drawings are crude, done in whatever time I had free.  Check out this first one on the left.  It took me a while to even start using a ruler to draw the boxes.  They are first drafts (aside from the lettering).  They are all drawn in ink.  No mistakes have been corrected.  They are as fresh out of the oven as they could possibly be.


What’s neat about these is the fact that you can see the characters grow.  You discover their likes and dislikes, and what makes them tick.  When I finally decided that this wasn’t just a lark and that I was actually going to tell this story, you get a sense of pacing and story.


Enjoy a comic strip as it is being born…

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