TJHS 1987

tjhs-promoWhat was it like to be a middle schooler in the year 1987? Donny Godwin will show you. If coming of age for you meant dealing with the feelings of resentment and betrayal stemming from Sammy Hagar’s replacement of David Lee Roth in Van Halen, then TJHS 1987 is your story. If coming of age for you meant watching that one member of the opposite sex from afar and never making that move, even though you knew that person was the right one for you, then TJHS 1987 is your story. If you were not quite cool, but not quite a dork when you were thirteen years old and operated in a weird little world populated only by people with a minimal amount of social capital, then TJHS 1987 is your story.

Randall P. Girdner takes you through the 7th grade, in all of its wonderful, horrible glory. TJHS 1987 is your story.

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Begun as a lark in 2000, TJHS 1987 quickly became an obsession for its author/illustrator. Enjoy these flashbacks with us, with commentary from the author. Laugh at his pathetic artwork, cry with him as he recounts long lost loves, become engrossed with characters rich and exciting, but most of all, laugh at his pathetic artwork. The stories and their links are below…


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*All awards refer to Randall P. Girdner’s winning of the Hubert J. Puntzweiger Award for Outstanding Children’s Literature published in the Kangqiao District of Shanghai.
**By “world-renowned”, we are referring to the fact that Randall P. Girdner currently teaches overseas.