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I never have enough time during the day. Do any of you guys feel that? I feellike I am always scrambling to get things done. Of course, you would feel that, as the majority of you on this list are students and you’re always bending overbackwards to get things done for your teachers or your parents or the cult thathas convinced you to join them (Don’t do it!). What you may discover whenyou’re all grown up is that the feeling that you have when you are overwhelmeddoesn’t actually go away. It’s always there, things waiting to get done…novelsto write, movies to make, albums to record. There’s a billion things on the list. What are the things that YOU don’t have time to get done? I wonder…

I am more than halfway through my latest novel, which is currently titled “Bono/God/Satan”. I’m really not sure if it is any good, which is a weird feelingto have. With the rest of my work, I was always vaguely satisfied by what I wasdoing, but with this one, there’s a bit of a hollow place in my brain where thisnovel came out. There are many factors at play when I discuss this book, however. One of which is that it is clearly an adult book. By that, I mean that itdeals with very adult themes and there are curse words in it (Oh, my!). Theother factor in that is that it deals with some pretty heavy subject matter, subject matter that I’m not sure I have the right to write about. That may soundlike a strange statement, but it’s true. The events of the novel are so deadly serious that I’m afraid I’ll be laughed out of the room.

“But what’s the book about, Mr. G?”

That’s what makes this novel weird. It’s about Bono, the lead singer of the band U2. It’s about how one day, Bono arrives in the kitchen of a teenage boy andsays that he’s an angel and that he’s there to save him. And he does…only in away that one would never understand. From there, we go on to suchlight¬†subject matters as domestic abuse, school shootings, Salman Rushdie, and the 1993 siege of Sarajevo.

Still with me?

Yes, the novel is weird. It’s an adaptation of Mark Twain’s “The Mysterious Stranger” (the greatest short story ever written), but it’s not really like that. I’vetaken real people and real events and inserted my own characters into the mix. Very, very strange.

I’m about 57000 words into the novel at the moment and shooting for 100,000words. Again, whether this will be any good or not is a dicey subject. I offer noclues other than to say that, occasionally, when I read back on parts that arealready written, I never hate it. I suppose that’s a good sign?

My next project will be writing a television script. I have a friend here inBangladesh that is going to write a pilot with me that focuses on professional wrestling in the mid-1980s. Yes, you heard that correctly.

In the meantime, one of my books, Ghosts in the Magic Kingdom, will becoming out soon, so look for it. And when I stop being so lazy, I will publishThe Wizard of New York City, which is going to be fun.

So, what’s happening with you? Is everyone as totally freaked out about thenew Star Wars film as me? I will be in Bangkok at Christmas and have plansto see it and weep with joy during the entire film. You need to know this.

Write me a letter soon! I love letters!

I will close with this gif.


This gif is my reminder to theflygineer to let me knowwhen Shanghai Disneyland is opening so I can buy my plane tickets. Remember, for those who are still there, we will plan to skip school that day togo to the park. Yes, this is your former teacher telling you to skip school to goto an amusement park with him. We will make a documentary about it.