Boyd McCloyd and the Perpetual Motion Machine

Boyd-CoverMr. Ping’s Almanac of the Twisted & Weird presents

Boyd McCloyd and the Perpetual Motion Machine

On the day that the meanest man in Hong Kong kidnapped his parents, thirteen-year-old Boyd McCloyd found out he had a new job from an eight-foot tall yeti in a pinstripe suit. The job in question: Boyd was to continue to produce yearly editions of The Almanac of the Twisted and Weird (the world’s number one printed resource for the odd and unusual, macabre and profane, twisted and…weird). However, because Boyd had inherited this job from the venerable Confucius Ping, he also inherited Mr. Ping’s enemies, every one of which had made it their lifelong goal to destroy everything that Mr. Ping represented. This dastardly and treacherous group of werewolves, leprechauns, mutant swordfish, dwarf giants, and various other cadres of criminals includes the very man who had kidnapped Boyd’s parents: Mr. Fang.

The first in the series from Randall P. Girdner detailing the spectacular and wonderful exploits of Boyd McCloyd and the rowdy cast of characters that inhabit his strange and unusual world. See how it all got started with the first book in the Boyd McCloyd series from award-winning* author, Randall P. Girdner.

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Boyd McCloyd and the Perpetual Motion Machine (Sampler)

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 *Note: No awards have actually been won by the author, aside from “Most Likely to Graduate Without Honors” in high school.

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