Boyd McCloyd and the Black Ooze, Part 2


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Boyd McCloyd and the Black Ooze, Part 2

If everything evil in the world is headed to the same place, then why would Boyd, Reggie, and Smelts be going there, too? Saving the world is a real hassle when confronted by rabid vampires, flying monkey-wolves, and zombies with a vendetta. Boyd just wants to go home, but that isn’t going to happen when the fate of the world is at stake…


Cindy McCloyd has found herself smack dab in the middle of a revolution featuring robots that want nothing more than the death of everything on the planet. Throw in a bunch of dwarves and a beast known as the Ragnathorik and you’ve got a disaster. Journey to the center of the Earth with a fifth grader, a chimpanzee, and the Grand Artimithian!

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