Boyd McCloyd and the Black Ooze, Part 1


Mr. Ping’s Almanac of the Twisted & Weird presents

Boyd McCloyd and the Black Ooze, Part 1

A thirteen-year old kid. A yeti. A crocodile named “Smelts”. It sounds like the beginnings of a bad joke until one realizes that these three reluctant heroes are all that stands in the way of a nefarious plan to rob a museum, cure an illness, and, perhaps, enslave the entirety of the human race. What is the Golden Lotus and why is it important? They’ll soon find out…


The World’s Smartest Fifth-Grader is now friends with a hyper-intelligent chimpanzee and a man with the biggest brain on the planet. So why would someone be dead set on killing her? Cindy McCloyd is running from enemies that she didn’t even know she had. Will she survive her first few days at Mr. Ping’s Institute? Only time will tell…

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