Boyd McCloyd and the Atomic Baby from Mars


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Boyd McCloyd and the Atomic Baby from Mars

Ever babysit a kid from Mars?

Boyd, Reggie, Smelts, and Cindy are about to find out that it’s not as easy as one might think. When a rocket containing a baby lands in a field in Kansas, the gang from Acclimated Spooks are going to have a hard time taking care of that little one. What they don’t know, however, is that there’s more to this baby than they ever imagined. When the kid starts to age at a rapid pace and attract the interest of the Conspiricetti, everyone soon realizes that this kid might be the key to saving the world…or ending it.

The award-winning* graphic novel from acclaimed author**, Randall P. Girdner, available in paperback now! Featuring 130 pages of awesome art, awesome storytelling, and general, overall awesomeness. It is Randall P. Girdner’s first graphic novel.

You can purchase a fine copy of this weighty work of art directly from the author here (other options exist below).

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*Again, no awards have actually been won before.
**The word “acclaimed” actually refers to the author’s mother, who has always praised her son for his fine attitude over the years. She is a special woman.

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