The Wizard of New York City (Book 2)

Book2CoverNew York City has forever been changed by the arrival of the Wizard…

…And Peter and Min Je; Julia, Ryan, and Anne; and Bernard and Carol are all trying to adjust to their new lives with the stange, new inhabitants of Manhattan. Magicians, zombies, werewolves, dwarfs, and every creature imaginable are now face to face with these teenagers, and because each of the kids are not supposed to be there, there’s a price on their heads; one that any of the “Old Worlders” would love to take.

Then, the Gilding arrive.

The Wizard of New York City tells the tale of seven teenagers trapped in Manhattan as a world of fantastic creatures and bizarre beings invade the island. As they struggle to stay alive in the face of dangers they can barely comprehend, the students soon realize that there is a reason they are still alive, and that reason will place a heavy burden on not just them, but the whole world…

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